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La Petite Epicerie Amsterdam

Coffret: Cheese Lovers Box and Wine

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Wine or Beverage

The coffret is composed of a Cheese Lovers box AND your selected wine:


Cheese Lovers box composition:

-Comte 20 months affinage,  fruity, spicy and nutty.

-Saint Nectaire,  (meaning sweet nectar) has a fruity aroma, rich texture, and a sweet flavor.

-Brie, creamy taste with almond and mushroom undertones.

-Crottin Chavignol, goat cheese,   subtle and slightly nutty.



Your selected wine or beverage:


- Pruneyrac, Organic 2018 Saint Chinian

- L'écuyer Courroneau, Organic 2018 Bordeaux

- Beaujolais, Natural 2019 Morgon


- Pouilly fumé, Natural 2018 Loire

- Pinot blanc, Biodynamic 2019 Alsace

- Sauvignon Blanc, Natural 2018 Chateau Lestignac


- Venus, Organic 2018 Provence

Lemonade 75cl - La Limonaderie de Paris

Bacanha syrups (Yuzu, Mint, Peach, Elderflowers or Grenadine)