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La Petite Epicerie Amsterdam

Cheese Lovers Box

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This box is the ultimate treat for cheese lovers. 

The box contains a minimum of four diverse pieces of premium cheese weighing at least 500g, tasting notes, plus the perfect crackers and chutney (optional).

All cheeses are made from small producers and cannot be found in supermarkets. 

Discover hand picked seasonal French cheeses carefully selected by the experts from L’Amuse.

Perfect to assemble a cheese board for every social gathering or casual evening at home.


-Comte 20 months affinage,  fruity, spicy and nutty.

-Saint Nectaire,  (meaning sweet nectar) has a fruity aroma, rich texture, and a sweet flavor.

-Brie, creamy taste with almond and mushroom undertones.

-Crottin Chavignol, goat cheese,  subtle and slightly nutty.


You can keep the box for about 5 days. The box must be kept in the fridge as it contains fresh products. Please always refer to the labels of the products for their exact expiration date and conservation. We recommend to take your box out of the fridge 30minutes before tasting. 

Flowers of the packaging can change due to seasonality.

This is an indicative picture, it does not reflect the content of the box. Photo is from Claire Rachel on Pexels.