The French Apéritif has arrived to Amsterdam!


Hey there!

Remember when you visited France and would order a charcuterie and cheese plank with a glass (or a bottle...) of wine? And you would think “This is THE Life!”. Well, we have good news for you! La Petite Epicerie Amsterdam just launched delicious and truly French Apéritif Boxes!

La Petite Epicerie Amsterdam was created in 2021 after we realised: French expats deeply miss their French food.“What do you mean they eat a cheese sandwich for lunch whilst sitting at their desk?”, my mum would ask after I told her about my first day at the office in Amsterdam. “Ma pauvre chérie, I am sending you a package with confit de canard and camembert right now!”

So why not bring the best French food tradition to the Netherlands, we asked ourselves. “Which best French food tradition?” you are wondering, there are so many..!  #chauvinism. We therefore give you: the French Apéritif! According to an official study 45% of French people have an Apéritif at least once a week (true fact).

What’s an Apéritif box? The Apéritif is to the French what bitterballen are to the Dutch. But really it’s just a pre-dinner collection of snacks and delicious bites, usually enjoyed over wine with friends and family. Remember that selection of cheese and charcuterie with bread and wine? Well that’s one way to do it. 

So here we are. 

Now you can order a French Apéritif box delivered to your house in Amsterdam. It’s a box filled with French products, such as: cheese, charcuterie, crackers, spread, olives, sardines, wine and much more.

All our products are made in France and carefully selected for their taste. Our cheeses are from the famous L’Amuse. We also offer natural and organic wines.

We offer 3 kinds of boxes: 

  • The Aperitive box for 4 persons is a classic Aperitif box with cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, chutney, spread, olives, sweet potato chips and sardines.
  • The Truffle and foie gras box is our deluxe box and features foie gras, truffle cheeses, truffle spread, crackers, chutney, pain d’épices and olives. It’s for 4 people.
  • The Mini Aperitive box is a mini box for 2 persons with cheese, crackers, chutney and spread.

And we will introduce various special seasonal boxes throughout the year.

Our purpose is to make the best French Aperitif products easily available in the Netherlands. 

So treat yourself and order a French Apéritif box!


Mélanie, Founder of La Petite Epicerie